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Do you want to learn how to properly use the makeup products you buy and have at home? Let us help you achieve the most beautiful makeup that looks suitable for your skin tone and eye shape and increase your confidence every time you apply your makeup! This program is perfect for those who want to start their career as a makeup artist and learn the basics. This is also great for those who want to test the water and see if makeup artistry is right for you. And for those who want to start slow, this is definitely the right program for you. (SPOTS FILL UP FAST DUE TO HIGH DEMANDS, SO PLEASE ACT QUICKLY!):


Location: Glam Doll Maleup,LLC

Makeup Group (6) People

SKU: mg-0001
  • -Product knowledge

    -Basic beauty eye makeup -Smokey eyes

    – traditional to modern looks

    -Essential eyeliner fundamentals and tight-lining

    -False lashes application -Professional brow mapping

    -Skin color correction and concealing

    -Basic face contouring and highlighting

    -Sculpturing perfect lips

  • Will this course tell me the right makeup colors for me? Unfortunately, not. This class focuses on application technique, which is great for everyone to learn! Do I have to already have the right brushes to learn from this class? Not right away but using the right makeup brushes is essential in creating flawless makeup. Once you have all of your tools in place you can refer back to the class and practice! Oh, and you will learn a TON of other stuff while you are building your brush kit.

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