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How To Get A Clear Face After Breakouts

Most people suffer from at least a few breakouts over the course of their lifetime. Changing hormones during the teen years are responsible for the majority of breakouts, but many adults also continue to break out with pimples throughout their lives. After your skin starts to break out, there are steps to take to care for the skin and prevent future breakouts. The key to keeping clear skin is proper prevention and after care. Following these steps will help keep breakouts under control.


1 Wash your face twice a day with a mild facial cleanser containing salicylic acid. This medication is proven to help prevent breakouts according to

2 Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the skin. Do not scrub your face, or else you can actually cause worse breakouts and damage your skin permanently. Dry your face with a new, clean towel every time.

3 Dab a small amount of a acne lotion containing 2 percent benzoyl peroxide on any acne spots every night. Rub the lotion into the pimple until it is absorbed into the skin. Do not use the medication more than once a day, and reduce the application to every other day, if the skin starts to peel and show signs of aggravation.

4 Moisturize once or twice a day with an oil-free moisturizer. Use a moisturizer with SPF protection to help prevent sun damage. Using acne medications can cause extra sensitivity to sunrays, which may damage skin.

5 Avoid touching your face as much as possible, especially with your hands. Keep your hair out of your face. Keep items that touch your face clean, such as glasses, scarves, hats and makeup brushes.

6 Use makeup designed for oily skin that does not clog pores. This will prevent breakouts from clogged pores. Some makeup is designed for blemished skin, which may also help prevent clogged pores.

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