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How To Become An Image Consultant

An image consultant helps people polish their professional image. These style gurus and communication specialists analyze a person’s wardrobe, career and lifestyle preferences to help them make a great impression. Part style psychologist, brand specialist and etiquette coach, image consultants use a step-by-step process to help their clients feel great and be more confident about their own personal style and image.

Instructions 1

Interview the top image consultants in your city. Ask for mentoring and guidance. Determine what type of services you want to provide your clients by asking questions from experts. Use this information gathering session to determine whether you want to provide comprehensive wardrobe, grooming and communication services, or focus on image presentation alone.


Master the three components of image consulting. As an image consultant you will help your clients develop a complete professional image. Become proficient in fashion and grooming tips, manners and etiquette, and communication strategies. Knowledge of how to help your clients look professional and act professional is critical to your success as an image consultant.


Get experience. Learn the business from a professional image consultant. Or volunteer with a non-profit organization to dress new job seekers. Offer to makeover your friends and family to build a portfolio of work samples and image transformations. If you can’t afford image consulting courses, go to your local library and peruse the shelves for fashion, grooming, communication and etiquette information.


Develop your personal image to advertise your services. Become a walking billboard for your image consulting business. Use your own personal style, flair for fashion and impeccable business etiquette skills to consistently advertise your image consulting services to potential clients. If your professional presentation is outstanding, clients will have more confidence in using your image consulting services for their appearance and personal branding needs.


Join an organization for professional image consultants. From what to charge clients to professional development courses, the Association of Image Consultants International gives new consultants practical information. The networking opportunities and professional certification can give you the competitive edge as a professional image maker (see Resources below).

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