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Cream Eyeshadow

I think the reason why I love cream eye shadow is that it is hydrating to the eyelids. The eyelids will look moist and hydrated giving a beautiful dewy effect. Creating the most soft beautiful eyes.

Cream Eye shadow

They come in a few different containers.

The most common is the cream pots with screw-on lids used with your finger or a synthetic brush; and the small, tapered applicator tubes that squeeze out the cream onto your finger, brush or eyelid.

A great reason to use cream eyeshadow is that there is no fallout like powdered or pressed eyeshadows.

Does cream eyeshadow crease?

Yes, some can. The cheaper ones will most likely crease, but there are many ways to go around that! 😉 Be sure to apply eye base.

This will help prevent your eyelids from getting oily and sweating off your eye makeup or creating gunk creases. If you have an eyeshadow cream that does crease my recommendation would be to apply a very thin amount. A thick layer will most likely crease and clump up.

More Ways of Using Cream Eyeshadow

Another way of using cream eye shadow is using it with pressed or powdered eyeshadows. This will give the cream a longer lasting endurance.

Cream shadows are blendable making them so fun on their own or with other eyeshadow textures. If you are wanting to go dark on the lids applying a dark cream shadow and then a dark powdery shadow will give greater depth and dimension to that color compared to using only powders. This is great for smokey eyes!

Eyeshadow Tips

You can use the cream shadow as an eye base as well.

Simply apply your cream eyeshadow to your fresh makeup-free eyelids using your finger to smooth out any bumps. This will allow perfect soft application for your powder shadows making the consistency very smooth.

It will give the pressed or loose eyeshadow something to grab on and stick too, making your powders stronger in eyeshadow pigment.

Effective Ways of Applying Cream Eye Shadow

The most popular way to applying eye shadow cream is to use your finger.

But I like to use a synthetic makeup brush. Basically, a concealer brush. If using a non-synthetic brush or thick eye shadow brush, you will clog your bristles.

A synthetic one is easier to wash away any dried cream and wont ruin your bristles.

This is how I use it; I simply stroke the brush into the cream eyeshadow and then begin brushing my lid leaving a soft pretty coat of creamed color.

And then taking my finger and correcting any cream that may have gone out of my eye boundaries.

When applying it with a brush be very gentle so as not to blend away the color you have applied. You just want to smooth out the color up to your crease. It gives you a more natural look 🙂

When using your finger or a brush be sure you apply quickly so that the eyeshadow does not dry creating cracks or lumps. Once the cream dries it sets. But play and experiment using a brush or your finger and see what best suits you.

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